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Posted: June 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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If you are over the age of 40 and you do Crossfit, you know why we need our own blog. Sure we have less cartilage, hair and hormones than those whipper-snappers banging out the handstand push-ups and 30-inch box jumps.

But we can seriously kick your collective asses when it comes to…comes to…comes to…big kahunes.

Do you have any idea how much gumption a 55-year-old woman in menopause must have to walk into a box w/out air conditioning and try to dead-lift a 65lbs trick next to a supple, tan 20-something-year-old blonde with a bootie that would make Kim Kardashian cry and breasts that defy gravity, who is yawning while dead-lifting #205?

Or the 60+ year-old guy who could be driving around on a golf cart, swinging sticks and drinking gin and tonics but instead decides to take his bald head to the nearest Crossfit box and try to squat below his knees with Mr. six-pack abs watching?

Oh, and did I mention they’re doing this with Kanye and Eminem blasting?

I like to think we’re special. My chiropractor thinks we’re idiots. Still we go, despite the aches and pains and Kanye. Damn the muffin-tops and man-boobs. We’re gonna WOD right next to you. And we’re going to love it and you love us back.

Two years ago, at age 52, I drank the Crossfit Kool-aid. I am now a Level One trainer and still love Crossfit. But I do have unique issues that don’t revolve around getting drunk and laid. I need someone I can talk to about glucosamine, arthritis and whether 40-year-olds should even be considered Masters.

I – and hopefully you – need a blog. So, here we go. Have at it!

  1. Chris says:

    Well, finally…

  2. james says:

    Thank goodness! Im almost 43 and hate to do ab mat situps next to the shirtless 25 yr olds!!

  3. Van Scott Cogley DDS says:

    rock on

  4. Lori says:

    Rock on indeed ! haha Just finished On-Ramp. I’m 50 and half. I life weights, but not at a CLIP ! Did need to scale for pull ups etc., but felt like I was able to keep pace, even if I came in last of our 4-5 person group ( 28 y.o. ‘s …etc ) ! 😀 Can’t believe there is a blog like this. Nice !

    • hildyjonsn says:

      Lori: Awesome. Scaling is what it’s all about! I finally realized that I risked getting injured if I let my ego get in the way of common sense – which has happened to much in my life that it was hard to break the habit. But I soon realized that by scaling, I not only built muscle, I improved my form and technique – which allowed me to lift more weight. Major “D’oh!” moment for me. So much of Crossfit is proper technique – which prevents injury AND allows you to lift like those petite young thangs!

      • Van Cogley says:

        Cross-fitting for 2 1/4 years and @ 56 realize that I may never do competitions, but with scaling and proper form I’m staying healthy, strong and happy. I don’t try to bust myself @ RMs, I quit just before I lose control of form. I strive to do the entire WOD even if I have to lighten the load but as you said, Hildy, a benefit of scaling is taming my ego.

      • hildyjonsn says:

        YOU are wise. “I quit just before I lose control of my form…”

  5. Robin says:

    I did the boot camps this winter, I am 49 going on 25 in my mind, except that things hurt way more and as much as I think I am in shape, uhm not so much these days. I want to get back to it when work slows down, i would love to hear some educated thoughts to keep things within my limits.

    • hildyjonsn says:

      Things DO hurt way more – for awhile anyway. Important thing for me was to distinguish between normal muscle pain and injury. As for the normal muscle pain, if it was too bad, I took an ibuprofen or some other anti-inflammatory. I also began drinking a protein shake IMMEDIATELY after working out. That made a huge difference! I’ve tried several but I had stomach issues w/ some whey proteins. I found Progenex caused the least digestive issues. I’ve also realized that at this age, I can no longer role out of bed and workout – which sucks – because I’m a morning person. Inflammation is the enemy and I’ve found that just an hour of moving around before I work out – walking the dogs, doing laundry, packing my lunch – makes a big difference. As for keeping thing in your limits, that’s a tough one, since we’re all kind of – how shall I say – “driven.” I have finally realized that I don’t have an OFF-switch. So, talk to your coach at the gym and ask her/him to keep an eye on you and be willing to scale things down a bit when they suggest you do. Ain’t easy but we’re waiting for you to come back!!!

  6. Laurie Cutler says:

    I’m 50 yrs. old and have alway exercised. I started CrossFit almost 3 months ago and never intend on quitting !!! My daughter gets married this weekend and my bruised arms are going to look awesome in my sleeveless dress!!! I’ve never felt better!!!

  7. Kevin says:

    46 here and just finished my first week of on-ramp. I am a out of shape software developer. I hurt but feel so much better.

    • hildyjonsn says:

      You’re going to love us!!! Keep in touch – want to hear how it’s going

      • Kevin says:

        Finished my on ramp today with Fight Gone Bad. Score of 233 (I did more but but form was not so good, so I had some do-overs). I have a long way to go. Looking forward to starting my WODs next week.

  8. Gretchen says:

    I started Crossfit at 55 and the last time we tested dead-lifts my PR was 213, much to the awe of some of the youngsters in the class. I have to scale every thing and there are certain things I can’t or won’t do but I gut it out to the end.

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