Crossfit Competitions: Clash of the funnest

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Crossfit fashion, Crossfit Lifestyle, Masters Competition
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I swam competitively as a kid and I loved going to meets. You swim an event, then you goof off with your teammates for an hour or until your next event. Your friends and family show up to cheer everyone on. You swim your last event, go out and stuff your face and go home and sleep like a baby.

Forty-plus years later CFCP Peeps I’m doing the same thing when I go to a Crossfit competition. Maybe that’s why I like competing so much.

Yesterday was Clash of the Fittest – a 4-member team throw-down. I didn’t know my other three teammates. They were from another box and I was just a substitute for a masters woman who couldn’t make it.

Wonderful folks and we kicked ass. We didn’t podium but I had a blast.

My box, Crossfit Cityplace had two teams – 8 athletes besides myself – and a small, mostly sober army of supporters. Unlike 40-plus years ago, when you licked your finger in stuck it in a box of jello for extra energy, we now use all kinds of weird powders, gels and ritualistic meals before competing.

Tommy is a peanut-butter-and-jelly-on-white-bread kind of guy. Nick is into Nutella. Linda eats chicken. I don’t know what the hell Matt ate but when it came time for the WTF RX division to do pistol squats, Matt was doing them so fast he was keeping beat with a throbbing Beastie Boy song. Kinda looked like he was doing a weird 80’s break-dance in his brand-spankin’-new, WTF? Captain America uniform. (Don’t you think he would look much better in a kilt?)

We had one cooler was for water, protein and caffeine drinks. The other for beer. I’m not a drinker – I hit my lifetime quota about 15 years ago – but beer and tequila seem to be the preferred post-competition libation. I’m told tequila is actually paleo. Must be the worm.

D showed up with her world famous mocha-chocolate paleo cookies. God bless D. Tania showed up with her pool boy (aka her husband, Armando) and someone let Joe G. in – who provided way more entertainment than the guy competing in the wrestling singlet.

Afterwards we ended up at a bar/restaurant downtown with athletes from a nearby box, who also competed but did not bother to change clothes or bathe. Badasses. We celebrated Tania’s birthday, ate Tater Tots and marveled at how the mother of brothers Tommy and Angel managed to keep enough food in the house while they, and their other two brothers, were growing up. Astounding how those boys eat and lift and there is not an ounce of fat on either.

I headed out at 11:30 pm. I can’t do 19-hour-days like I used to. But I managed to hold my own, just like doing a WOD with them – except this time I was not the one on the floor or hurling out back, as I’m sure a few of my fellow teammate/revelers were this morning.

There’ something to be said for the wisdom that comes with age.

Visit the Wod Log page to see the Clash of the Fittest Wods for Scaled and Masters Divisions.

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