The Crossfit gods have heard us…kinda

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Aging, Masters Competition
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The clouds have parted and one race organizer has seen light. The good folks hosting cloudspartingm_ashx_ Raid Games 4, Aug. 2-3 in Deerfield Beach, Florida have created a 45+ Masters age group! The regular Masters Division  still begins at age 40 but the 45+ year olds are in a separate Masters Division.

And guess who is signed up?

Last year I whined to Jim Sayih, Master Trainer at 911 Crossfit, about the Masters division and he was very cool but it was too late  to do anything about it. But this year we have a 45+ Division.

I’m not expecting a herd of Crossfitters-Of-a-Certain-Age to show up. We need to get the word out. So, if you are in the south Florida area and you know a COCA, please tell them about Raid 4 and the 45+ Division.

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