Crossfit: Anyone can do it but it ain’t for everyone

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Aging, Crossfit Lifestyle
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Once you graduate from high school, you are pretty much going to spend the rest of your life with people like you. In school – at least in public schools – you spend your days with kids of all different ages, colors, shapes and sizes. Some kids will come from wealthy families. Some poor. Some will have parents who are married to each other. Some may never even know both parents. Some are good at sports. Others prefer band. You are all mashed together – all day long.

But all that changes when you grow up. You will likely live in a neighborhood with people who like to live in the same kind of neighborhood – gated, urban, suburban, condo, mansion. You will worship with people of the same faith. You will go to concerts with people who like the same music. Your political beliefs will be the same as your friends. Co-workers do the same type of work.

If you are young, you won’t want to play tennis with an old guy. If you are an overweight middle-aged woman, you probably won’t want to work out with svelte young thangs.

Not so with Crossfit. When you become a Crossfitter you lose all that baggage. We leave behind all the crap that separates us and instead focus on what we have in common. We are just one sweating mass of humanity who believe in trying something different and stepping outside of their comfort zone. You probably won’t even know the last names or occupations of the people who work out with.

I once walked into a legal hearing and a woman I work out with was the judge. I hadn’t a clue. A bartender will help a doctor with double-unders. A guy who rowed in an Ivy League college 30 years ago will teach technique to a girl who has tattoo sleeves. Nobody looks twice. Ain’t no thing.

To be humble is to remain teachable and Crossfitters must be humble. No one doing Crossfit – no matter how fit or experienced – is going to know how or be able to do all the skills of Crossfit. At some point you must surrender your ego and ask, “Hey, can you show me…?” “Am I doing this right?” “How much weight should I use?”

This is why at a Crossfit competition you will sometimes see everyone – rival competitors, judges the audience – on their feet, shouting their hearts out for the last athlete on the floor, struggling just to finish. We have all been there.

Some people aren’t capable of this kind of humility. Crossfitters must be. And because we are willing to set aside our ages, titles, politics and social standing while we are in the box, we come back. Our muscles ache, our palms are bloody and our shins are scarred but we come back. It’s just the way we are and want to be.

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