Crossfitter-of-a-certain-age guide to happiness

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Aging, Crossfit Lifestyle
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You get to a certain age in life when it doesn’t take much to make you happy. A beautiful sunset. The smell of bacon. The Yankees losing. New shoes. A PR.

Well, guess who is 5-0? Over the weekend those five little happy nuggets just so happen to have happened to me! Is this a great planet or what?!

Let’s start with shoes: I love new shoes. Not the kind of shoes you wear to work or on a hot date. Athletic shoes. I was a runner for about 35 years. Marathons, half-marathon, 10 k’s, 5 k’s whatever. I ran everywhere. shoe-pile-300x192 Paris, Detroit, Palm Beach, Miami…dirt roads, gravel, sand, asphalt…up mountains, down stairs, around the neighborhood, across town…I ran like Forrest.

I studied shoes and tried virtually every brand out there. In all those years I only purchased one bad pair of running shoes: Nikes that hurt my feet so bad that during a marathon that I took them off and ran the last 6 miles without shoes. (Don’t try this.)

One day I just stopped running. I took up cycling and bought cycling shoes. Mountain bike shoes. Triathlon shoes. When nearly every cyclist I know had been hit or run off the road by a crazy driver, I stopped cycling.

Then came Crossfit.

A Crossfit shoe is the Swiss Army Knife of athletic footwear. You can use them for any task. Want to climb a rope? The sole of a Crossfit shoe has reinforced arches that won’t melt when you slide down the rope. Burpees? The toe is reinforced with a dense plastic/rubber that provides traction for getting yourself off the ground.

You can run in a Crossfit shoe but unlike the thick heels of a running shoe, a Crossfit shoe has a much lower heel, making it easier to keep your weight on your heels while lifting.

Which brings me to my new Reebok Nano 2’s. Coral with black laces. My last pair was hot pink. CFMThere is something about a middle-aged woman wearing neon footwear. It makes a statement. Probably not a good one.

My new shoes cost about $100 – a sum I have spent only once before on shoes. Shortly after my divorce, I bought a pair of Stuart Weitzman red, patent leather, pointy-toed stilettos. I bought them for a specific purpose and let’s just say they worked. Worth every penny.

I wore my new Nano’s to the box on Monday. We worked on deadlifts and I was determined to hit a new PR and lift #200. For months I have been trying to deadlift #200. It has been driving me crazy. In fact, I stopped deadlifting for awhile because I had developed a mental block and obsession.

Monday morning, in my snappy news shoes, I loaded up the bar and voila, I set a deadlift PR: #200!

Maybe it was the gorgeous sunset last night. Maybe it was the bacon or the Yankees losing to the Rays (Nana-Nana-Boo-Boo). Maybe it was the shoes. Who the hell knows – or cares.

I did it. I’m happy and I’m stylin’ in my new shoes. And in the words of the sage Navin Johnson (aka The Jerk), “that’s all I need.”

  1. Debbie says:

    Keep writing….lovin’ your little stories and how I relate. That said, we might not be in the same camp when it comes to shoes as I’d take the Stuart Weitzmans any day!

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