To wear that or not to wear that? That is the question for masters Crossfitters

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Aging, Crossfit fashion
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So, the other day I’m teaching spin class at the box and I look down and I’m like, “Whoa, whose legs are those!”

I was sprinting and the skin on my thighs looked like it came off Yoda’s forehead. Nasty. Which brings me to fashion. Many of us older athletes still have very good shapes.

Yoda: Beyond botox

Yoda: Beyond botox

In other words, we look pretty good fully clothed. However, you put that shapely figure in some Lycra and we’ve all got a problem. Sure, those Lycra shorts fit you fine and  from a quarter mile away you might actually look like a 30-something-year-old. But something isn’t right.

It’s the skin.

Years of life-guarding, running, biking, swimming, skiing and using baby oil and iodine as sunscreen has left me covered with senior freckles (age spots), wrinkles and skin so thin that it looks like flesh colored crepe paper. Nobody wants to see skin like that. I don’t even want to see skin like that.

Gravity, too, has taken a toll on other body parts. Ain’t all the overhead plate lunges on the planet going to restore my derrier to its rightful place in the universe. I have no problem with my gray hair because I have no gray hair, thanks to my friends at L’Oreal. But there is no getting out of my own skin.

I wear long tights in the cooler months. But I live in south Florida and our box has no air conditioning. In the summer, it gets hot. We’re talking Bikram Crossfit hot. I know better than to take off my shirt and walk around like the young gals with just a sports bra and shorts. But it’s too hot for tights and sleeves in the summer.

I don’t want to skeeve people out but I also don’t want to pass out from heat exhaustion. My shorts and sleeveless tees are fine with me. But I ask you, dear reader, should we be covering it up?

  1. So funny! I am almost 50, run, lift and know exactly what you are talking about! But, being from Palm Beach also, and living in Panama now, even hotter, I say nope to covering up. The heat is just too much to handle at this age. 🙂

  2. Susie says:


    I, too, would never strip down to my sports bra, but my performance is going to suffer greatly if I’m overheated and worried about passing out. I’m modest but not burqa modest, y’know?

    Besides, if someone is looking that closely at my skin, they’re not working hard enough!

  3. rachelaugh says:

    I agree….wear what makes YOU comfortable. If others are paying that much attention to you…then they’re not paying enough attention to themeselves. I’ve never once thought—“wow she shouldn’t be wearing that” at crossfit…everyone has their own journey and their own story. Rock whatever you wear!

  4. Cindy Richter says:

    I totally get it! I am 51 and just this year I started to notice that my skin on my arms and legs makes me look like an old lady. When did this happen? I have regulated myself to wearing capri leggings (in black) and some type of tank top over a sports bra to get as much skin coverage as possible. One of the instructors at Diablo CrossFit recently asked my when I was going to embrace sports wear in bright colors. I replied, “There’s no way this big butt is going in anything bright!” A week later I was shopping at Marshall’s and saw some bright purple capris. After vacillating back and forth about whether I should purchase them, I finally decided to go for it.
    All of you are right, I’ve never looked at someone while at crossfit and said, “She shouldn’t be wearing that”. 🙂

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