Coach, you want me to do what?

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Crossfit Masters Training

Sometimes, when get an email from my coach, Matt, and I read the hellacious workout he has planned for me, I imagine him sitting in front of his computer, conniving like Dr. Evil: “Ha! Let’s see if she will actually attempt this!”

I always do. Still, I  wonder if he’s trying to kill me.brewstermainDr It’s hard work and after awhile I ask myself, “Am I getting any better or just looking like an idiot?” Well, last night I got my answer.

I dropped nearly two minutes off my Helen PR. I’m down to 11:38. And I know if I wasn’t in South Florida in the middle of July, in a box without AC and it wasn’t 90+ degrees and 110% humidity, I might be able to go even faster. (There isn’t enough chalk in the universe to keep me from flying off the pull-up bar when my hands get that sweaty.)

Finally, progress. REAL progress. For a 54-year-old woman, I’ll take an 11:38 Helen. I think I’ll hang on to my coach, too.

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