Meet Agnes: 96-year-old Crossfitter

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Aging, Crossfit Lifestyle, WODS for Masters
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There are a lot of numbers in Crossfit – reps, rounds, weight – and Agnes Weis’ age is just another number: 96.

Yes, Agnes Weis is really 96-years-old. She trains twice a week at Crossfit Syracuse with Coach Dan Goldberg.

Agnes Weis and Coach Dan Goldberg

Agnes Weis and Coach Dan Goldberg

The next time you meet someone who says they are too old to do Crossfit, remind them of Agnes. When someone says they could never do the exercises we do in Crossfit, explain how we scale our workouts and then remind them of Agnes.

What kind of WOD does a 96-year-old Crossfit athlete do? Here’s a WOD Coach Dan has scaled for Agnes:

3 sets of Air Squat to a chair

3 sets of pulldowns

3 sets of rows

3 sets of overhead press

3 sets of leaning pushup

3 sets of step ups

3 sets of Dumbbell curls

3 sets of Tri Extension

2 sets of high knees & lateral leg raises

For me, Agnes represents the simplicity of singleness of purpose of Crossfit: This is a “we” program. Unlike a typical gym, where you come and go when you please and do what you want, “we” workout together. Novice athletes, professional athletes, big athletes, tiny athletes, black athletes, white athletes, straight athletes, gay athletes, young athletes, old athletes.

We are just athletes when we are in a Crossfit box. Age is just another number.

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