Shredded quads and vice grip compression tights

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Aging, Crossfit Injuries
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Remember how, back in the last millennium, after a really tough workout you would be sore the next day but the NEXT day, your muscles would be fresh, strong and ready to workout?

How come I’m more sore the second and third day after a tough workout than the first? And at what age will I be most sore the fourth day after a tough workout? Or fifth day? That’s going to really suck.

Tigger and me after the 1996 Walt Disney World Marathon. (Tigger didn't run)

Tigger and me after the 1996 Walt Disney World Marathon. (Tigger didn’t run)

I gotta say that 16:03 two-mile run in the blazing sun on Saturday shredded my quads and I’m still sore. I ran a few marathons and it used to take just four or five days to be able to step off a curb again. Nowadays, two miles and I’m reaching for the Advil.

I said a little prayer on Sunday when no one showed up for the spin class I teach. I couldn’t have ridden a tricycle, much less teach an hour-long spin class. I wore the compression tights the rest of Sunday and slept in them Sunday night – and Monday night.

But now it’s Tuesday and I am still sore. Hey, I drank my Progenex right after the run. I took my supplement with leucine – lots of leucine. I stretched and stretched. I got a lot of sleep. Why am I still in so much pain? It was just two frickin’ miles!

Maybe they make vice-grip compression tights…

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