Listen up, grasshopper. You might learn something.

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Aging, Crossfit Lifestyle
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One of the benefits of being a senior Crossfitter is that you get to call the youngsters “Grasshopper” – even though they totally miss the David Carradine/Kung Fu reference.

I don’t have much wisdom to pass on but I have had a lot of coaches Carradine in many different sports over the years and I learned a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much (I should have gotten sober sooner). But here you go, grasshopper.

1. By the time you get to the starting line, all the training, nutrition and stretching is over. The only thing you can do now is give your muscles fuel – oxygen. BREATHE! When we get excited we tend to take shallow breaths – which do not provide much oxygen to our muscles.

When you are training, focus on your breathing. At what point in an exercise does your body naturally inhale or exhale? Is there a more efficient way to breathe? How much to you breathe during rest intervals?

Remember, your muscles are screaming for oxygen. Give it to them.

2. If you don’t need to use a muscle, don’t. Remember, every muscle movement – no matter how small – requires energy. We tend to contract our muscles when we are stressed. You see this a lot in running. Tight shoulders, back and core and scrunched up faces. (It takes energy to scrunch your face up like that, you know.)

Take a look at elite long-distance runners. They are fluid. They move effortlessly. They do not make funny faces. It’s called “efficiency of movement.” Don’t use muscles you don’t need to use and use mother nature and the laws of physics – inertia, gravity, torque – to your advantage. Flow, grasshopper. Flow.

Okay. That’s it. All athletic wisdom I possess. Wait a minute. There’s one more:

Double-tie your shoelaces, grasshopper.

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