How badly do you want it?

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Crossfit Lifestyle
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One of the advantages of being a recovered alcoholic is that I know what I am capable of doing and not doing. I know the lengths to which I will go to get something I want.zzzzwork-in-progress

For example, I know I am capable of guzzling a couple of six packs, crawling up on a bar and making a complete ass of myself. I know I will hide my bottles at the bottom of the recycle bin so no one – not even the garbage guys – know how much I drink (as if they really care!)

I also know I was not capable of stopping drinking on my own. I had to get to a really bad place before I was willing to admit I was powerless and surrender.

What does any of this have to do with Crossfit? Well, a new rule was imposed at my box that has upset some folks: No more side WODS. We had an area where athletes were allowed to do their own workouts, usually involving practicing heavy lifts or doing their own, more challenging WODS.

At first, it was just one or two athletes off to the side, quietly doing their own thing. Then it grew into a clique of more elite athletes who spent a lot of time hanging out, chatting and disrupting the coaches’ efforts to instruct athletes doing the main WOD. There was also the issue of space and the side WODers were taking up space that should be used when classes are large and it is crowded.

This has upset some folks. Even though there are plenty of open gym hours for them to come in and train and one coach has even promised to open them gym whenever they want to train, they are still unhappy. “I work,” “I’m in school,” “What a pain in the ass.”

And my reply is: You want it bad enough, you will suck it up and make it happen. Just as an alcoholic or addict will go to any length to get their drink or drug, you must be willing to do the same with your training. You must suck it up, reach down in your soul and find the kind of determination you did not know you possessed.

Now, I am not saying you need to become an addict to achieve your goals – although I do see some of that at the box. What I am saying is you need that kind of drive and determination. Being a top-level competitive athlete means sacrifice. I know. My little brother was the fastest high school swimmer in the United States in 1980 and he didn’t get there by whining about waking up at 5 am or training when it wasn’t convenient for him.grasshopper

You suit up, show up, shut up and do the work. Period. Pain in the ass? Yes. Inconvenient? Yes. But here’s the deal coming from someone who’s been working her ass off for 54+ years: Life ain’t always pretty or convenient. You aren’t entitled to anything.

You gotta work for it, grasshopper.

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