Steve’s Club Beat the Streets: This WOD’s for you

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Crossfit Lifestyle
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The highlight of my day thus far – and it’s 9:35 pm – was watching this awesome little 3-foot hombre bust a WOD at our local Steve’s Club Beat the Street competition. If you don’t know what Steve’s Club is, you’re in for a treat. Steve’s Club is a national, non-profit program that provides Crossfit – at no cost – for at risk youth.

It was started by Steve Liberati, who founded Steve’s Paleo Kits. We have one Steve’s Club in our area – Steve’s Club Palm Beaches – and I got involved with it last year. Girls from two foster homes and guys from a program that helps kids when they age out of foster-care, train with our local club.

Team Masters of the Universe bangin' the 2k row

Team Masters of the Universe bangin’ the 2k row

Every year there is a national competition called Beat the Streets, which raises money for local Steve’s Clubs. As Crossfit competitions go, Beat the Streets is laid back. There are just three divisions, RX, scaled and kids. I’m totally cool with there not be a master’s division. This is for fun.

Still, we created our own masters team, aptly named: Team Masters of the Universe. Our three-member team has a cumulative age of 161 years. Last year we took third place, crushing the younger whipper-snappers with our precision transitions.

Plus, we knew how to jump rope the old fashioned way, one person holding each end and one jumping in the middle. That was one of the exercises in the WOD last year and apparently, kids don’t spend time jumping rope on the playground these days, which is a damn shame.

So we nailed the jump rope. This year, we didn’t do as well. But we had great t-shirts and if you can’t win, at least you can look good, which is important.

Run Forrest Run

By far, the best event was the kids’ WOD. The youngest competitor was 5-years-old. He tied a neon yellow samurai ribbon around his head. Have you ever seen a 5-year-old samurai on a rower? Don’t die before you do because it’s worth sticking around for.

And let me tell you, this little dude could run. Down the field, around the cone , which was nearly as tall as the little samurai. Over and over. His little legs were going so fast and his arms pumping hard. I couldn’t believe it. He was bombing past the older kids. Seriously adorable.

I realized today that we need competitions for kids as much as we need them masters. Bring on the pee-wee samurais and Masters of the Universe! And open your wallet, please, and make a donation to Steve’s Club. Support Steves's Club

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