Crossfitters’ 3 favorite words: Bacon. F#*k. More.

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Crossfit Food, Crossfit Lifestyle
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I asked my coach, Matt, to have a come to Jesus talk with me about food. I know how to eat well. He knows I know how to eat well. But the only time I eat well all the time is when I know Matt is watching.

I need that, even though I’m more than twice Matt’s age.

My problem is that I don’t have an OFF switch. If one protein bar is good for you, three must be better. Right? If one workout a day is good, two must be better. Whether it’s avacados or husbands, more is  better. more_more_more_main_a2

Last year my dermatologist gave me some kind of weird chemotherapy cream for my face. I’ve had a couple of squameous cell skin cancers removed. She said to use a small amount on my face once a week. What did I do? I slathered so much of it on my face I looked like a mime. Of course, I didn’t do it once a week, I did it twice in one day.

What happened? I got sick – just like people who get chemo get sick – but not as bad or for as long.

If I’m lucky, Matt won’t get out his evil calipers and do a body fat test. I hate the evil calipers almost as much as I hate the AirDyne. Unfortunately, both are probably the best thing that could happen to my training: Calipers and AirDyne.

So, today I start keeping a “food log” again. When I put it down on paper and then send it to Matt, I’m a leaner and meaner menopausal athlete. I tend to behave myself more. No more whipping up a batch of my  famous paleo chocolate chip cookies. Just because they’re paleo doesn’t mean you can eat 15 of them.

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