How long could a 15 minute AMRAP possibly take?

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Crossfit Lifestyle
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I have a history of getting involved in activities that end up being a wee bit different than what I expected.

Take triathlon. I got into triathlon in the early 1990’s. Sounded like a lot of fun. Swimming (my first athletic love), biking (my favorite thing to do as a kid), and running (my second athletic love). You get yourself a111 bathing suit, pair of goggles, bike and running shoes. What could possibly be expensive about that?

Well, my pink, fat-tire beach bike with the child seat wasn’t gonna work. You need a bike with a carbon frame, skinny tires, Shimano pedals, aero bars and the entire thing can’t weigh more than a box of Wheaties.

Then you’re going to need cycling shoes with cleats. Cha-ching. Running shoes. And that old Speedo, puh-leez, you need a tri suit and cap.babyseat+ Did I mention the Thule rack for the car, with wheel carriers and a faring?

You wanna actually compete in a triathlon? Well, your training will eat up any free time you thought you had. You’re going to have to hire a yard guy and a cleaning lady because you’re going to be swimming, biking and running all the freakin’ time. When you are finally ready to compete – there’s a $100 entry fee.


A few thousand dollars later, in the final miles of a half-Ironman on a Old Running Shoes blacktop road with a 100+ degree heat index, I said to myself,  enough of this shit.  I finished and then quit.

So, when I stumbled upon Crossfit I was like, cool. Sure, the monthly fees were steep but less than hiring a private trainer once a week. And will you look at the way these people dress! You can wear whatever you want! I haven’t worn knee socks since the 6th grade!! Best of all, some of the workouts were just 20 minutes long! Think of all the free time you will have! This is awesome!

I suppose if you are 20- or 30-something-year-old you can get away with the 10 or 15 minute warm-up before the WOD. But I quickly learned that I can no longer hop our of bed at 5:40 am and be working out at 6 am. These old bones don’t play that game anymore.

I realized that if I was going to have a long-term, committed relationship with Crossfit, I needed to spend a lot more time on foreplay (aka stretching). I need a good hour of being up, eating breakfast, intense stretching and walking the dog before I can hit the box.

Just ask my dog, Dog (that’s his name):

“She wakes up in the dark, goes out and picks up the newspaper in the driveway. I would be more than happy to get the paper for her because the neighbor’s cat is sleeping under the car right next to the paper but she insists on getting it herself. It makes no sense.”

“Then she spreads out the paper on the kitchen counter, which is pretty close to the Milk Bones, and hoists one leg up on the counter, rests her elbows on the counter and stares at the paper for a long time. Then she switches legs. I get bored and go back to bed. It’s still dark out. Who gets up while it’s still dark out? It makes no sense.”

“She does this for a long time. One leg up, one leg down. She swings her arms around a lot, squats like she has to go to the bathroom but then stands up. She does the squat thing a bunch of times but she never goes to the bathroom. It makes no sense.”

“Then she gives me three treats and we go for a walk. She walks really fast.  Sometimes she runs even though no one is chasing her or has thrown a ball. It makes no sense.”

Crossfit doesn’t take as much time as training for a triathlon but it takes a lot longer than what I expected when I got into Crossfit. I don’t mind that it takes me a LONG TIME just to get to 3-2-1. It seems to take me a lot longer to do a lot of things these days.

But I’m cool with it. The important thing is to still be able to kick ass – which I can. I just have to spend more time getting ready to kick ass.


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