CrossFit couture: Pink wings and compression tights

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Crossfit Food, Crossfit Lifestyle
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You get to a point in life where you can pretty much wear and say what you want.

For example, I can now cock my head to the side, look over the top of my glasses and start a sentence with “Honey,…” and get respect, or a chuckle. I can, and do, sing along to songs during WODS.

Mary, taking flight

Mary, taking flight

And no one knows what to do when a middle-aged woman drops the “F” bomb, which I enjoy doing just for the shock value.

As for wardrobe, CrossFitters are basically fashion-challenged but Masters CrossFitters can take a fashion faux pas to a new level with a straight face. For example, today I actually wore my Skins compression tights to work. I had daylong computer training seminar and knew I would be sitting all day.

My compression tights kind of look like leggings – which I know went out of style a few years ago.

I paired them with a cute little cammy under a long sweater and a pair of black sequined Tom’s and, viola, I was cute AND comfortable! I don’t think anyone even noticed or had the cojones to say anything to me.

But my masters friend Mary recently made an exquisite fashion statement with a pair of pink wings she wore while lifting during Barbells for Boobs. When you’re 50+ years old you don’t get a lot of opportunities to wear pink wings. Actually, you have to make those opportunities.

For some reason, as we get older we stop making those kinds of silly opportunities, which takes a lot of fun out of life. But CrossFit not only gives you the strength to leap tall building in a single bound, it also gives you the cojones to be silly – and  plenty of opportunities to make silly happen.

Just ask Mary.

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