How many “snatch” wisecracks is too many?

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Aging, Crossfit Masters Training, Stretching
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There really is no elegant way for a woman my age to say this, but my snatch was on fire this morning!

Okay. Enough with the double entendres – I won’t share with you details of my explosive hips or random utterances of how good it feels. Seriously, my snatch was something to behold – at least I thought so.

Enough with the snatch jokes already.

Enough with the snatch jokes already.

Granted, I did not have much weight on the bar – a measly 45# – but I have not even attempted a snatch in weeks so I was anxious to see whether all the resistance work with chains and bands had paid off. Man, did it ever. I threw that sucker over my head like it was nothing and then I dropped down into a deep overhead squat over and over.

It not only felt good, it felt comfortable and fast. I had a feeling – a hope – that the Westside Barbell training I had been doing would give me the power and strength I desperately need. It did.

I am completely smitten with Westside. It makes sense to me and I need more things in my life that make sense. The training is hard – not just because it takes a lot of time but because I’m working little teeny, weeny muscles that I didn’t even know I had and they hurt like hell.

Like this anconeus muscle – which I had never heard of – on the back of my elbow. I don’t know exactly what it does, something about supporting the elbow in full extension, but it hurts like a mother when you strain it.

My training partner, Lynn, an Australian physical therapist, scraped away the pain with her magic gua sha tool – which left some lovely blemishes on my triceps. And now my little anconeous muscle feels great and is getting nice and strong, thank you very much.

I threw another 10# on the bar to see how 55# felt and it too, felt great. I could easily have gone up but today was supposed to be an “active” rest day, which to the folks at Westside means an hour-long workout rather than a 2 or 3 hour workout.

I am also spending lots of time – like 20-30 minutes – stretching my hips before every workout. My hips are my biggest problem in life right now – besides my leaky roof and the carpenter ants or termites that are eating my house.

After my stretching session, I also did the Bergener warm-up this morning – which I haven’t done in a long time and should do every single day before I pick up a barbell. Thank you Coach Bergener.

I needed a day like today. My snatch had been giving me a lot of problems (here I go with the double entendres again). I was beginning to think a woman my age should just give up on her snatch. Stick to the jerks. But no, my snatch is better than ever.

Okay, seriously, I’m done with the snatch wisecracks.


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