Welcome back to Season Two of It Ain’t Over: A middle-aged mom’s attempt to make it to the CrossFit Games!

We ended Season One in 72nd place – exactly 52 slots away from Carson City. That’s a few slots less than my age, 55. This year I’m changing things up. My training partner, Lynn – a 45-year-old badass firefighter/physical therapist/single-mom – moved back to Australia, her homeland, leaving me wondering what the hell I was going to do to train for the games.Lynn&I

So, this year I decided to put together a team of experts to help me train. I have a coach and a chiropractor. I’m also seeing a PT and a massage therapist.

First, let me introduce you to my coach: Zach Caswell. Zach is my Olympic lifting coach. Why am I focusing on Oly lifting? Oly lifting is exclusively about the snatch and clean and jerk but if you can do these two lifts well, your overhead squats and thrusters will rock and you will vastly improve your balance and strength.

Zach is a former professional rugby player, which explains his total indifference to inflicting pain. He also played college football. He’s this huge bearded mass of muscle and I’m easily old enough to be his mother. But he didn’t laugh when I asked him to train me’ Turns out he’s one of those teddy bear kind of guys. He actually feeds his cats ice cream with a spoon.

MeZachEvery Sunday morning Zach holds an Oly lifting class at CrossFit CityPlace. I attend religiously. It’s like church but with cussing and sweating. After a few classes I concluded that Zach knows his shit and he’s passionate about making athletes who can lift efficiently. In my world, it’s all about efficiency. I may not get a lot stronger at this age but efficient movement will allow me to perform longer and avoid injury. So, Zach’s my man.

Before class  we do a LOT of stretching. I already do a LOT of stretching. I stretched my way through Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, The Killing, The Following, The Blacklist and a few episodes of Family Guy. I call it Netflix Yoga. You’d think I would be a rubber-band by now but I’m not.

Zach programs my lifting workouts, which are followed by a WOD. He wants me to video my lifts and send them to him so he can see what I am doing wrong. It’s an exercise in humility and embarrassment.

Zach is  into muscle memory, which is kind of tricky because women in menopause have memory “issues.”  In the two months Zach has been training me I have done more snatches than I have in the preceding three years, if I remember correctly.

Frankly, I’m so sick of snatches right now that I don’t even want to write about another snatch. So, in my next post I will introduce you to Zach and the Art of Snatching.





  1. Michelkw says:

    Netflix Yoga. Going to add that to my schedule!!!

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