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In a stunning display of ageism and ignorance, organizers of the Disney Fit Challenge (Sept. 26 – 28 in Orlando) have created separate age groups within the RX, Scaled and Recreational Divisions but NOT the Masters division.

Although the age groups within each division have not been released, according to the DFC web site, “Divisions have been established allowing for a wide range of physical ability and skill in addition to age groups allowing competitors to see how they place not only within a division but also within their respective age group.”

Except for Masters athletes.

The Masters division begins at age 40 and anyone over that age – regardless how many years or decades beyond 40 – will compete against each other. That means that a 60-year-old athlete could end up competing against a 4o-year-old. Apparently, the folks at Disney don’t have a problem with that.

However, the Disney folks believe it would not be fair for a 39-year-old athlete to compete against a 21-year-old – so they are creating age groups within RX, Scaled and Recreational divisions to level the playing field.

Really. (more…)


There’s something to be said for finishing in damn near last place.

Something such as “F#@K” or “Let’s go eat some gluten-free pizza with bacon on top.”

I said both.

Had there been a 50+ division I would have taken second – out of three. But, it was a 45+ division and I took 8th out of nine. I beat the 60-year-old lady, Lynn Johnson, who finished 25th in the world open in the 60+ division. Look for her next year at the games. That girl is going places.

The important thing is that we had 13 ladies over 40 competing in the Master’s division. Of those, 9 were over 45. Three were over 50.

Ditto for the men: Of the 15 men competing in the masters division, 9 were 45+. That’s 60 percent. Of the nine in the 45+ division, three were over 50.  (Shout out to Ira Spector, who just started Crossfit in December and blasted through the snatches)

Which just goes to show that if race organizers would masters divisions that recognize a 40-year-old and 60-year-old should not be lumped into one masters division – WE WILL COMPETE!!!

RAID 4 showed immense progress in the battle of the ages. It is the first regional competition I am aware of that had two masters divisions: 40-44 and 45+. Seventy percent of the masters women were over 45!!!!

Let’s keep the momentum going. Now we need a 50+ division – or scale the weights for the 50+ athletes.

Anyway, I got my ass kicked by a bunch of really great ladies – most in their middle 40’s. The exception is my friend Mary Hallman, who will be 54 in a few weeks. Mary is not only a beast but has a great laugh and is the kind of competitor who will cheer on her competition. Love that about Mary.

I learned a few very important lessons competing in RAID 4 this weekend:

1. Do not do 6 hours of cutting hedges, mowing the lawn and weed whapping the day before a competition.

2. Listen to your coach, especially when he’s giving you good advice while you’re in the middle of a WOD. He knows what he’s talking about.

3. There is a good reason why Crossfit boxes do not have mirrors. (See picture)Nasty photo

4. Losing is valuable. It shows you exactly what you need to work on.

5. Do not be a sore loser. No one likes a whiny, self-absorbed, self-flagellating Crossfitter. Man up. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Take your loss on the chin and then go out to dinner with your buds from the box and eat gluten-free pizza with bacon on top. Crossfit is about working hard AND playing hard.

Remember, your are a masters Crossfit athlete and even when you finish second-to-last, you have still accomplished what only a tiny fraction of people our age can do.

Now, where did I put that ibuprofen?

I don’t often act like a 14-year-old at a Justin Bieber concert, but when I do, I look like a fool. Which is exactly what happened yesterday at RAID GAMES 4 in Deerfield Beach, Florida when I turned around and saw Gabriele “The Tigress” Schlicht roaming around the arena.

OMG! I ran and got my camera and of course she was more than Me Gaby gracious – albeit probably a little embarrassed by my enthusiasm.

For those of you who skipped the Masters competition portion of the Crossfit Games last month, Schlict was the winner of the Women’s 55-59 Division. And it wasn’t the first time she won her division either.

She wore her medal and I’m glad she did. “OMG! Is this your medal?” I asked. “Can I touch it?”

I’m such an asshole sometimes.

I’m glad she wore her medal so the younger athletes can see what the world’s top 57-year-old female athlete looks like. Crossfit has no age and Schlict looks awesome. Schlict owns Crossfit Deerfield Beach and she was more concerned and proud of the four teams representing her box than she was about the medal around her neck.

As for my own performance yesterday, let’s just say I sucked. But today is redemption day and I intend to kick ass.


The clouds have parted and one race organizer has seen light. The good folks hosting cloudspartingm_ashx_ Raid Games 4, Aug. 2-3 in Deerfield Beach, Florida have created a 45+ Masters age group! The regular Masters Division  still begins at age 40 but the 45+ year olds are in a separate Masters Division.

And guess who is signed up?

Last year I whined to Jim Sayih, Master Trainer at 911 Crossfit, about the Masters division and he was very cool but it was too late  to do anything about it. But this year we have a 45+ Division.

I’m not expecting a herd of Crossfitters-Of-a-Certain-Age to show up. We need to get the word out. So, if you are in the south Florida area and you know a COCA, please tell them about Raid 4 and the 45+ Division.